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5 Easy Method To Clean Carpet Easily

If you have a carpet at your home and your house is in a traffic area, and you need to clean your carpet daily and this is so time-consuming to clean the carpet daily.

No problem from now you no need clean carpet daily because now we are sharing some easy way of cleaning carpet, you no need to clean carpet daily, now you can clean your once or twice a month.

If you have pets in your home and you are disturbed by their odor and the spots are not going, if you want to clean spots in one wash you must read this article because in this article we are sharing easy methods of carpet cleaning.

First of all, you need to prepare a homemade solution for carpet cleaning. It will not harm any type of carpet fabric like synthetic or natural.

  • Take detergent solution – take on tablespoon best liquid detergent and mix in 1 cup warm water.
  • Take vinegar solution – Take a ¼ cup of water and mix the same quantity of vinegar in it.
  • Take ammonia solution – Take 1 tablespoon of ammonia solution and mix in a ¼ cup of warm water.
  • Take nail paint remover – This will help you to remove stain from the carpet.

After the arrangement of ingredients take a spray bottle and fill all the ingredients in the bottle. Now you can spray this solution on the carpet spot area.

Sometimes you have no need to use this solution for cleaning.

These are the 5  easy methods of carpet cleaning :

 By Vacuuming The Carpet 

Vacuum carpet with a powerful vacuum machine to remove dry dust from the carpet as much as possible. Vacuum properly your carpet by moving vacuum vertically and horizontally.

Firstly move vacuum forward and backward and then move left and right.  Use every nozzle of vacuum cleaner to clean your carpet and reach every area of carpet to clean carpet properly and deeply. By these nozzles, you can remove dust easily from the carpet. If you vacuum your carpet once in a week but if you have a pet in your house you need to vacuum 2-3 times a week.

If you do vacuum on the carpet daily it gives a long life to your carpet and it looks too good.

Spot Cleaning 

Use a dry white clean cloth to clean spots from carpet. Before cleaning the spot from the carpet you must check that stain is dry or wet if stain or spot is wet firstly you need to dry it and after you clean it with the help of white cloth. If any drink or wine was fallen from your hand you need to rub immediately with the help of your hand. By rub stain from hand, we can remove stain immediately and you can get a better result. 

There are so many types of carpet cleaning solution are available in the market but if you need homemade stain removal solution you can make that as we told you. 

But if you are purchasing a stain removal solution from the market you must read the instruction given on the bottle and then you can use. 

If you are using a stain removal solution you must check after washing the area you had clean there is a no particle of soap, if you leave it you can get a bigger spot as compare previous stain spot.

Shampoo your carpet

Before shampoo your carpet you need to remove all furniture from that area. If some items are heavy you can use wood blook our hard plastic on it leg by this you can protect your furniture from water. 

After this vacuum, your carpet properly is sure that you had vacuumed your carpet properly if you left an area, from that area there is a chance of rug or your carpet cut.

Purchase or hire the best shampooer for carpet. Most of grocery or hardware shops provide shampooer on rent or on sale.

Prepare the solution according to the direction. Fill the container of the machine with water and with a small amount of detergent. Do not add an extra amount of detergent in a container if you will add extra you will harm your carpet fabric. 

Before starting shampooing carpet you need to remove your shoes and plan the exit place because after shampooing on the carpet you no chance to walk on it.

At a time of removing shampoo from carpet, you need to allow the extractor to pull water as possible. If you will move extractor slowly it will pull extra water from the carpet. 

After all of this leave the carpet for dry. If soap is left on someplace you need to apply the same procedure again. Take vinegar and water mix both in a container in the same quantity. Vinegar helps in to remove soap faster from the carpet.

Prevent your carpet from dirt

Keep away your carpet from mess-making products. Do not apply or fix your carpet near the kitchen, bathroom and etc. and you must remove shoes outside of the door by this you can help yourself. If you will remove your shoes outside your carpet will not get dirty and you no need to clean it in a month. 

If you have a small animal in your home like a dog, cat, etc. you need to pay attention to them because sometimes they come from outside and sit on the carpet, by this your carpet get spots of dust and bad particles on your carpet. 

Sometimes you can leave wine glass on the carpet and it will give a big stain spot for a long time. If some time this type of situation occur don’t worry do only one thing use your hand and rub that spot immediately by this you can remove the spot and see the better result immediately.

Pet Odor Removal

If you have pets at your home and you are getting disturbed by their odor spots on carpet and you are trying to clean the spots but spots are not cleaning, don’t worry we have our stain and spots removal solution by this you can remove your odor spots from carpet within an hour. Soak up odor as soon as possible. Take a paper and make a thick layer and put on the spot and try to put a newspaper under that spot. And left it for 4-5 minutes. And repeat this again and again till that spot get dry.

These are the methods of carpet cleaning easily. If you will consider these all things to keep the carpet clean, you no need to clean your carpet daily.

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