Thursday, November 14, 2019

5 Reasons Why You Should Install Commercial Sun Shades


Gone are the days when the rays of the sun were not thought to be harmful. Today with the depletion of the stratosphere, the sun’s rays are very harmful. A strong sun shade is of enormous demand in today’s commercial projects. Not just from the strong sunlight but also from strong winds, storm and hail, the property gets to be protected under a shade. The commercial sun shades are perfect for covering parking areas, swimming pools, play areas, picnic spots or even a terrace which homes a nursery or a small cottage industry.

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The top 5 reasons behind the installation of sun shades:

  • Protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun:  It is no doubt good to have a little sun on your back but every bit of it must be monitored so that it does not get to be excess for the skin. Excessive UV rays can lead to the damage of the eyes, skin and may turn to cancer as well. A shade structure in the school allows the school authorities to organize many activities and games freely by protecting the children from too much of sun exposure.
  • Weather Invulnerability:  We want our structures to last as long as possible. This is only possible when the direct sun rays and strong gust of winds do not beat down directly on a playground or any commercial area owing to the presence of the commercial sun shades. The vehicles last longer when kept under a covered shade. It is also seen that many plants which die out in the scorching summer sun or turn lifeless during the excessive monsoon rains, flourish better under a shade. The green house concept is a living example.
  • Temperature Regulation: In many schools the swings and the Jungle Jim is kept under a shade. The metal gets very hot under the strong sunlight and burns the little hands. Similarly if the terrace is used as a functional area for many cottage industries, the products tend to deplete under the strong weather conditions unless there are proper commercial sun shades.
  • Material Preservation: A shade always slows down the activity of the corrosive agents. While the metal starts corroding, the plastic melts or loses its color. Rust also spoils any structure and takes away its strength. Protection is guaranteed with the establishment of commercial sun shades.
  • Money Saving: A lot of money goes into the air conditioning bill payment nowadays. But if there are proper sun shades on the terrace or over the window, the cooling effect can be maximized.

Many business units like cafes and bars make use of the outdoor space with a colorful sun shade. Commercial sun shades allow the businessman to extend the shop floor for activities or for product display. Improved visibility of products happens when a promo or a display unit is placed under the awning. Depending on the industry, commercial sun shades in structures form an integral part of the business. There are many small business units and restaurants which have benefitted tremendously. The presence of the commercial awnings allows the outdoor areas to be made more pleasant and comfortable for the customers as well as to the employees as it blocks the strong sunlight and the lashing rain.

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It is not only the small restaurants but also the non-food industry which has learnt to make use of the space in the sidewalk with a rack to attract the passerby’s attention. Also the awning can serve to be helpful for those products or the people who are outside. The customers can take protection underneath an awning from rain or heat. So for all those who need to brush the snow off the coat or shake a few droplets of rain water, a covered area offers protection.

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