Wednesday, October 20, 2021

5 Ways To Keep Up With Your Battery Scooter’s Performance


Electric Bikes are the new age bikes that are making their presence felt in the market big time. Electric bikes help in propulsion as it comes with an integrated motor. They use batteries that are rechargeable and can cover nearly 16 to 20 mph. With all these available facilities most of us will either plan to buy an electric bike or already have one. In this scenario, it becomes essential for us to know about how to maintain its performance in the longer run.

So if you belong in the group that has an electric bike of its own or even if you are planning to buy one, your preference would be that it does not ditch you soon and it runs well for a longer period. Apart from its performance, in the long run, you will not want to compromise over your experience of the ride in any way. This is why we have brought you a list of tips that would not only help in increasing your bike’s range but also improvise its overall performance.

●    Overloading Should Be Avoided

Checking the payload capacity of your scooter is invariably essential. Payload refers to the entire weight carrying capacity of the scooter. It not only includes the weight of the rider but whatever you are carrying on the scooter should be within the range of its payload; otherwise, it falls in the category of overloading. This payload capacity is not the same for all the scooters and varies from scooter to scooter based on its model or other features related to it.

Hence, to keep your scooter’s performance in check do not exceed the payload capacity of the scooter.

●    Do Not Keep Changing Its Speed Very Often

A sudden change in the speed of your scooter can harm its performance. Avoid picking up the speed of your scooter to its maximum right after starting it; also try avoiding frequent braking if not necessary. Traffic jams are an understood exception for the same, but otherwise, it’s necessary to avoid a sudden change in the speed of your electric scooter as much as possible.

●    Avoid Full Acceleration While Starting Your Scooter

Try to start your scooter gradually instead of giving it a full acceleration while initiating it. If your scooter comes with a key start facility, then turn the key and avoid start it on full acceleration because that might end up draining its entire battery at once.

●    Proper Pressure Should Be maintained in the tires

In case if the tires of your scooter are under-inflated, it might result in increasing its rolling resistance. This might lead to a lot of energy being wasted in overcoming the resistance which you will not want. So keep a check on the pressure of your tires if you want them to run long.

●    Energy Saving Is The Key

If your scooter is not in use, develop a habit of turning it off. This will save a lot of battery drainage that occurs during traffic signals or when you stop to receive calls. Saving energy by turning your scooter off at these points will give a boost to its overall performance

Following all these measures will not only enhance the range of your scooter but will also give you the joy of an uninterrupted ride.

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