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Best hearing aids brands & price in India


Best hearing aids brands & price in India

The hearing machine is a small size of the electronic device, that can be worn inside or behind your ears. It enhances the sounds to equip a person with hearing loss to easily communicate, listen and participate actively in daily activities. You can buy hearing aids online to listen clearly in both noise and quiet situations.

Hearing Aids

There are three basic parts – a microphone, speaker and an amplifier. Hearing aid receives sound through a microphone. Nowadays, there are many digital ear hearing aids online that can be purchased with batteries. You can shop online at Industry buying and get the best machine price for an ear. Assure comfort with the ear listening machine on the industry listening you will definitely be able to hear without difficulty.

The cost of hearing aids in India is approximately Rs 3000- Rs 2.5 lakhs, depending on the make, style and signal processing technique used in the hearing device. It’s not that much more expensive is a better job. As far as hearing devices are concerned, it is sensible for a thing that suits your needs and you are most comfortable.

Hearing aids come in patterns with a different style, brand, special features.

Most of the time, the cost depends on fitting – behind the ear (BTE), inside the canal, etc. Here are general hearing aids. With the advancement in technology, hearing aids are also increasing with some additional features.

CIC:-   It is completely small in the canal. These hearing devices fit inside the ear canal. There is a small battery in which there is a small life and it is difficult to handle. It does not include some additional features such as volume control or a directional microphone.

ITC:- It partially fits in the ear canal. They are less visible than the large hearing styles. This hearing style used to treat mild to severe hearing loss.

ITE:- It abbreviated as In the Ear. It comes in 2 different styles. One is that covers the concha of the outer ear(bowl-shaped area). Another one is that covers the lower part of the half shell.

It has a large battery for a longer period of time. It is easier to handle and more visible than the smaller hearing devices.

BTE:- It abbreviated as Behind the Ear. The hook of hearing aids covers the top part of your ear. It is the most appropriate style for all ages people with any type of hearing loss. It amplifies the sound more than any other styles of hearing aids.

RITE:- It abbreviated as Reciever -in-the-canal or receiver-in-the-ear. They are similar to BTE hearing aids. It has a speaker and receiver in the ear. It has less visibility behind the ear.

Best hearing aids company-

Choosing a right and flexible hearing aid brand or manufacturer is like a selection of two best players. So, evaluate the best brands according to your need and comfort. Here are the few best brands & their price in India that provide the best hearing aids worldwide.

  1. Phonak:- Phonak is a piece of Swiss-based Sonova Group and sister of Unitron organization as Unitron is likewise a piece of Sonova Group. The company endeavors to help individuals with hearing misfortune to appreciate the joy of hearing and live life with full potential. Phonak products doing business in 100 nations around the globe. Phonak amplifiers perceive how vital hearing is to appreciate all parts of life. However, the organization tries to make simple to-utilize and modern hearing aids to help individuals find happiness once more. And it’s price range in India approx Rs.203000 to 254000.
  1. Starkey:- Starkey Hearing Technologies is an American based privately owned business company in Eden Prairie, Minnesota that makes hearing aids. They create a hearing device Halo which works with the iPhone and their application. Price limit Rs 5000 / – RS7 lakhs.
  1. Widex:- Widex is a Danish company, established in 1956 in Denmark. They are the 6th largest manufacturers of hearing aids. They are doing business more than 100 nations around the globe. Widex in the Indian price range up to 13k to 50k.
  1. Siemens:- Siemens founded in 1847 in Berlin. They began to work on hearing aids in the year 1877. Siemens, now popularly known as Sivantos Group and Signia Hearing aid. They are providing their services with quality, feature, and technology to their customer. The price of these hearing aids is around Rs3k to 2.5L in India.
  1. ReSound:- ReSound established in 1943. It founded by Dr. Rodney Perkins of Standford University. They are providing their services in more than 80 countries all over the world. It’s a price in India approx. 35k to 2.5L.
  1. Oticon:- Oticon established in 1904 and founded by Hans Demant. They believe in balancing the life of the individuals. Price range in India Rs.80 k to 205400.
  1. Unitron:- Unitron founded in 1964. They are doing business with more than 70 countries worldwide. Unitron hearing aids price in India to start 8k to 3.5 L.
  1. Bernafon:- Burnfone founded in 1946. They are working with more than 70 countries. The price of hearing aids in India 25k to 2L.
  1. Hansaton:- Hanston established in 1957. It founded by G.E. Fischer. Across 70 countries they are providing their services. Price range 20k to 1.9L
  1. Rexton:- Rexton is part of Siemens or Sivantos group. Across 120 countries they are providing their services. Price range in India 10k to 2L.

Consideration Before you buying hearing aids

Most importantly, you and your audiologist should select a hearing aid that is most suitable for your needs and lifestyle. the price is also an important consideration because the hearing device ranges from a few thousand to lakhs. Similar to the purchase of other equipment, styles and features affect the cost.

However, do not use the value alone to determine the best hearing aid for you. Just because a hearing device is more expensive than the other, it is not necessary that it will conform to your needs.

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