Wednesday, October 23, 2019

C-Section Healing With Inside Pain


After having a newborn baby by C-section. It’s normal to do experience pain, soreness, and even bleeding going. After all that, You’ve just had done major abdominal surgery. Your body needs time to recover like a healthy body. Means, You’ll need to be more aware of own body. What you can and can’t do as your body heals inside. Here are tips for how to care for your C-section incision pain.

Do and Don’t Activity After C-Section Surgery

Do and Don’t Activity After C-Section Surgery

The biggest change after the other having a new baby. It is changing your Do and Don’t activity until you’re healthy. These guidelines
C-section Surgery for what you to expect. Afterward will help your body healthy as quickly as possible.


  • Take time and bond with your baby.
  • Rest your body when you’re tired.
  • The daily walk is good for your health and body. Walking helps you and your body prevent blood clots and constipation.
  • Hold a pillow over your incision pain when you need to cough and laugh.
  • Take a shower normally.
  • Reach out to a lactation consultant with if you have difficulty breastfeeding.


  • Lift anything take heavier than your baby.
  • Use tampons or douche until you have do not the permission of your doctor’s.
  • Do not Take baths until your incision and pain are healed and your postpartum bleeding has not stopped.
  • Participate in the rigorous or hard activity. And do core muscle exercises until your doctor clears and say yes you can do for activity.
  • Have no sex until your doctor says you can.
  • Do not worry about asking help for own baby. That might to means asking friends and family to watch the baby while you nap & do laundry.
  • Do not take the stairs repeatedly.
  • Do not Soak in public pools or hot tubs.

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