Sunday, April 18, 2021
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Commercial Vehicle Services that will Keep Your Customers Happy


If your business relies on its commercial vehicles, take note; regular commercial vehicle services and maintenance has been shown to substantially reduce operating costs. Not only does regular servicing prevent unplanned maintenance jobs, but it also reduces or stops unscheduled disruptions to your business.

The last thing you want is for your commercial vehicles in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast to be off the road for extended periods of time.

Of course, regular maintenance means regular invoices to pay, but it’s so worth it. As any smart business owner knows, vehicle maintenance is a crucial part of your business strategy if you wish to keep your customers happy.

Lowers Operating Costs

Fact: well-maintained commercial vehicles cost less to operate than vehicles that are inadequately maintained. And I’m not just talking about repairs. A regularly maintained commercial vehicle will use less fuel and, with fuel expenses estimated to be around 30% of the running costs, that’s a wise move. Your savings will more than offset the cost of servicing.

Reduces Vehicle Breakdowns

Compared to commercial vehicles that are not well maintained, regularly serviced vehicles spend more time on the road, where they’re supposed to be – and less time getting repairs or being stopped at roadside checks.

Fixing a small issue is much cheaper than tackling a major breakdown. Reduce the time spent off the road doing repairs and you’ll minimise unwanted disruptions to your business operations and improve your bottom line.

Improves Customer Satisfaction

A direct consequence of minimising disruptions is that you keep more customers happy for longer. Your business reputation relies on you being able to consistently deliver good service on time, be it delivering parcels or products or offering a service.

Word of Mouth Marketing can be your friend or your enemy and believe me, if your vehicles are continually off the road, you won’t get many referrals or recommendations.

Keep Your Drivers Safe

Regular commercial vehicle services mean less accidents, and that means you are offering better working conditions to your drivers. It could also reduce your insurance and workers comp costs.

Take your vehicle’s brakes, for example. Without regular maintenance you’d be relying on drivers to report any strange squeaks or squeals. What is they don’t? What if the brakes fail? At best it could see your insurance taking a bashing; at worst, it could cause serious injury or even death.

Legal Compliancy

The Police and Department of Transport come down hard on businesses that fail to adequately maintain commercial vehicles. These vehicles are a danger not only to the drivers, but also to other road users.

It is increasingly common for commercial vehicles to be pulled over and checked. You’ll save a great deal of time and money, not to mention legal hassles, if you keep your vehicles in good condition.

Here are some tips for reducing your running costs and improving fuel efficiency:

  • Take steps to improve the vehicle’s fuel efficiency and you’ll save a bundle. The best way is to ensure the vehicle is regularly serviced and all components are working correctly.
  • Encourage your drivers to brake gradually – except in an emergency – and also to accelerate gradually. It may not seem important, but this simple step could save up to 30% in fuel costs.
  • Maintain correct tyre pressure. Over or under inflating your tyres will increase the amount of fuel used. It will also help to reduce the risk of accidents.
  • De-clutter your vehicle. Most commercial vehicles take quite a battering when it comes to carrying weight. Whether you’re running a delivery service, or you’re loaded up with tools, it all adds up. The more weight you carry, the more fuel you’ll use, as well as putting pressure on your tyres and suspension. Remove anything that doesn’t need to be in the vehicle.

Commercial Vehicle Services

One of the most important issues when you run a fleet of commercial vehicles – or even just one – is finding a suitable mechanic. Not every service centre has the facilities and tools to deal with commercial vehicles.

Find a mechanic who understands how important it is to get you back on the road quickly. They should be able to help you with all your servicing needs, including log book servicing, tyres and wheel alignments, steering and suspension issues, auto air conditioning servicing and repairs, on-car brake machining and more.

Commercial Vehicles Brisbane

This is particularly important if you use European commercial vehicles. In fact, these should only ever be serviced and repaired by European vehicle specialists. Commercial vehicles in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast are well covered by SVS Autocare.

Their expansive workshops are fully-equipped to provide all servicing and repairs to European commercial vans, including long-wheel base. With master technicians trained in Europe and Australia, SVS Autocare specialises in all European Vehicle Servicing and have all the latest internationally-recognised, high-tech, dealer-grade diagnostic equipment.

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