Sunday, April 18, 2021

Different Types of Integrated labels and Their Uses


Labels are one of the most important tools that provide a smooth flow of the business. They might seem like no big deal, just an ordinary piece of paper, but the fact is that they are a crucial component for building the professional image of the brand. Plus, they are versatile and extra useful. One particular type does even more – it saves money. This type is the integrated labels which are sheets of standard copy paper that have adhesive label die-cut into them. They are the form used as documents with the addition of the label as well. They are excellent for the integration of the invoicing/packing process with the shipping process. Here is everything you need to know about them. 

There are several types of integrated labels: single integrated label, eBay integrated labels, four integrated labels per sheet, eight integrated labels per sheet, etc. All of the integrated labels have standard sizes but can be made into any size the customer wants. All that needs to be done is to ask the supplier to custom make the labels according to the size preferences of the customer. 

Single Integrated Label

The single integrated label has a standard size of 80mm x 142mm and it is great to use for clear address viewing, or if there is a necessity for lots of information to be written on it. 

There is another ready-made size of a single integrated label and it is 95mm x 39mm, which is the perfect size for small size parcel shipments. 

eBay Integrated labels

The eBay integrated labels are two labels per sheet and their size can be42mm x 122mm + 40mm x 72mm and as the name suggests they are excellent to use if you are working with eBay. They need to be used with eBay software as the labels line up automatically with the eBay template. 

2 integrated labels per sheet

There is also another type of labels that go as 2 integrate labels per sheet and their sizes are 95mm x 78mm. They are ideal to use as part of a standard picking slip/invoice where one of the labels can be used as a delivery address and the other as a return address. 

Or, once again, there are standard forms with 2 integrated labels with sizes 95mm x 39mm perfect for small parcel shipments where an address and return label is required. 

4 integrated labels

The forms with 4 integrated labels are great to use if multiple parcels are being delivered and up to 4 addresses are required to be printed on labels for the same shipment. The sizes of the labels are 95mm x 39mm.

8 integrated labels 

Finally, the 8 integrated labels per sheet have a size of 25mm x 70mm and are ideal to use in the pharmaceutical industry where up to 8 labels are needed to be printed with patient details. These labels are normally stuck onto viles or specimens. 

To Sum Up

Because integrated labels are part of the form that needs to be given to the customer or kept for record-keeping by the office, the costs for labels and paper is cut in half. By using such forms there is no need to use separate business forms and labels, which makes this option more practical and time and energy-saving as well.

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