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Famous Beaches of Abu Dhabi

Famous Beaches of Abu Dhabi

Introduction about Abu Dhabi City tour:
Whenever someone plans a trip to any place so of course, the famous places become the reason behind people selecting that particular place to visit. So if we talk about Abu Dhabi City tour so in my point of view the beautiful and famous beaches can be a reason behind Abu Dhabi’s Popularity.

If you travel a lot so I guess you must be aware of the famous beaches of Abu Dhabi but if you don’t know so don’t worry, after reading this you will able to know about them and I am sure after knowing about those beaches you will definitely get excited to visit them and for that you have to select Abu Dhabi City tour!

Pristine white sand, clear water, and beautiful views, this description sums up the beaches in the national capital of UAE that is Abu Dhabi. The beaches offer a refreshing breather from the fashionable jungle. Abu Dhabi has several public and personal beaches that are a must visit for all the tourists in their Abu Dhabi city tour. All the beaches are clad with amenities like public bogs, washrooms, sun loungers, car parking zone in addition as restaurants and cafes for more comforting facilities.

Corniche Beach:
Corniche Beach has been awarded a desirable place as a beach. The internationally notable eco-label guarantees clean and safe bathing water. Many tourists from around the world visit this place to possess fun and revel in their time. The beach is split into 3 separate areas for families, singles and the general public. Entry for the overall public is free, but for visitors, they are paid. All necessary facilities are present there. Some attention-grabbing attractions like dockage Mall, Presidential Palace are situated close to the beach. One will explore the Corniche, by hiring the bicycle from the rental outlets at the beach in their Abu Dhabi Tour.

Saadiyat Beach:
Another beach is Saadiyat Beach that is the 1st public beach on the Saadiyat Island, stretched over 400-metres. This clean and turquoise heat water beach offers lounge chairs, showers, bathrooms, lockers, dynamic rooms, umbrellas and ample car parking zone to the guests. Resorts like St. Regis and Park Hyatt are placed on the beach for food lovers. The beach is open daily from eight am until the evening with an entry fee for adults and kids on top of six years. This beach is protected by the ridge Protection Zone, which limits until sixty meters from the natural nesting grounds of hawksbill turtles at the bounds. Have fun, feel relax and take your sweet recollections with you.

Yas Island:
Now let’s talk about Famous Yas Island. The club offers the beach lounge space with outdoors Dj Booth, an eternity pool and 5 personal chalets. One in all the most effective foods obtainable in Tiki Bar- The eating place, which is found within the heart of the Yas Beach Club. The tasty pizza grills and Italian gelato will be seasoned at the food quarter next to the kid’s pool and beach shop store. It has all the necessary entertaining activities.  

Famous Beaches of Abu Dhabi

Al Bateen Beach:
Al Bateen Beach is a beautiful beach known for its gorgeous views of Hudariyat Island and Hudariyat Bridge. Being a Blue Flag beach it is a very modern destination with water sports lovers and swimmers. This beach may be a favorite place with kayakers, volleyball players. The beach provides dynamic rooms, showers, and children’s playground. The beach is open from 10 am to 10 pm and there is an entry fee to the guests. This beach offers a separate section for girls, which accommodates quite a thousand ladies and kids to relish their time.

So these were the famous beaches which you can visit by selecting our Abu Dhabi City Tour Deal!

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