Sunday, April 18, 2021

Features and Importance of Technology


Technology comes from two Greek words “techne” means art, skill, cunning of hand and “logia” means knowledge. Technology is the collection of arts, skills, techniques, methods, and processes. These arts, skills, techniques, methods, and processes are used to produce goods and services. So, technology is design to instrumental action that reduces the uncertainty in the cause-effect relationships involved in achieving desired outcomes. There are two distinct components of technology. These are Hardware technology – consisting of the tool that embodies the technology as a material or physical object, and Software technology – consisting of a knowledge base for the root. A technology is referred to the combination of knowledge, inputs and management practices that are used together with productive resources to gain the desired output. Technology is the way of knowledge, inputs and services are composed and combined and thus facilitate a certain system to function and survive.

There are several features or characteristics of the technology. Technology should have newness. It should have technical appropriateness. Without technical appropriateness, it will be useless. Technology should be experimentally proved. A technology published after a certain experiment done.  Technology will be adaptable in a different situation. It should have the feature of adaptability. It should be able to adjust oneself readily to different conditions. It should have economic profitability. It should be environmentally friendly. It will not harmful to the environment. It should be recyclable. Technology should be sustainable. It will be able to continue over a period of time. It will be able to upheld or defended. Sustainability of technology must be needed for future improvement. Technology also should have a relative advantage. Compatibility is one of the important features of technology. Technology should be compatible with time and place. It will be work successfully. Technology also should have the feature of observability.

Technology has great importance in our daily life. Today technology is part and parcel of our life. It has great role in business sector, in health, in education, in homework, in office work, in sports and games, in communication, in transportation, in construction, in engineering, in medical, in production of goods, in space travel, in food production, in building construction, in making clothes, in media etc. Technology makes our life very easy and comfortable. We can get a rapid and accurate result of anything by using technology.

Technology has a great role in science. Today, scientific experiment mostly depended on modern technology. By using modern technology there are remarkable improve come in scientific research. Nowadays, business, commerce, and trade cannot be thought of without technology. Technology is also used in the field of agriculture. New high yielding variety publishes continuously by using modern technology.We can see many importance of technolog on many websites online like on tweakreviews.

Technology has great use in human health and disease diagnosis. Developed countries technology is used to diagnosis of disease. It also used to discover medicine.

Nowadays, Technology is the media of education in developed countries. Now students prepare their study materials by using modern technology. Technology has both positive and negative effects. Nowadays, it is hazardous for children and teenagers. The criminals are carrying out their operations with the help of it. Though technology improves our lifestyle but it make us technology depended. We are getting immense benefits from technology but we should use it with care and caution to avoid its demerits.

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