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Genius Ways to Install Rectangle Glass Shelves By Covering Minimum Space

Rectangle Glass Shelves

Glass shelves are a great addition to a modern home. They improve the interior décor due to the class and flashiness that is related to glass materials. When you create shelves made from glass and install them in your home, you will have a modernized and classy interior look. When buying glass shelves, there are many factors that you need to consider. This includes the space available in your home, the size and shape of the shelves among others. Installing glass shelves in the living room, bathroom or other spaces can help you to save on space while also making the décor look modernized. Selecting the right shape of the glass to be used for shelving can be challenging especially when you are doing a DIY project.

Most homeowners who are passionate about DIY projects might require tools and expertise to install them properly. The installation process requires a clear understanding of the dimensions of the walls and the position it is to be installed. It is common for homeowners to fail to identify a suitable position for the installation of rectangle glass shelves. Rectangular glass shelves are popular because they provide a large surface area where items can be placed without causing any form of congestion. Buying rectangular glass shelves for installation in your home requires you to have different ideas of how you are going to position them. If you are aiming for elegance and also saving on space, this article will include a discussion of different ideas that you can embrace when installing rectangle glass shelves. Read on to find more about trendy ideas of installing rectangle glass shelves by covering minimum space.

Single Glass Shelves

Single glass shelves might sound traditional, but they are not. Usually, a single glass shelf that is long can be installed in different rooms of your home. When you have many items to place on the shelves, you might want to use a long rectangle glass shelf. The long glass shelf can provide space to hold many items at once. Ideally, they are elongated and held to the wall by glass mounts so that they can hold even heavy items. Along the length of the glass, shelf is the wall mounts that hold it horizontally. The mounts should be firmly screwed to the wall so that the glass shelf does not fall off. Also, the screws fastened to the glass should be properly done to avoid damaging it. Mostly threading of the screws is done to minimize the risks of damaging the glass. If you are looking forward to adding rectangular glass shelves, this is a great idea to adopt. The single glass shelves will use minimal space leaving your rooms spacious and tidy.

Stacked Glass Shelves

The stacking technique of installing rectangle glass shelves is the most economical on space. With this design, several glass shelves are installed on top of each other at a considerable distance. Each glass shelf is installed horizontally while they are stacked vertically on each other. The distance between each shelf should be determined by what the owner wants to use them for. For instance, if curio art is to be placed on the shelves, then the distance between the glass shelves should be determined by their size. This means that there should be precise measurements taken to avoid congestion when items are put on the shelves. For most homeowners, they overlook the need to take measurements and ends up not having enough room to place certain items. With the stacked glass shelves, there is more space saved since they only take up part of the wall unlike when they are placed side by side.

Diagonal Glass Shelves

Installation of glass shelves diagonally is a popular technique for homeowners who are keen on saving on space. The shelves are arranged in a diagonal pattern up to a certain level. When they are many, they can be installed on a large wall so that they provide sufficient space for installation. Sometimes, two diagonals of shelves can be installed to crisscross each other at the center. When they crisscross each other, they form an “X” shape. With this design idea, you can utilize a small part of your wall and maximize the storage space in your home. This is most suitable when you have a home bar, and you need to put a lot of bottles on them instead of using a cabinet.

Corner Glass Shelves

Corners in a house are usually neglected since many people think they cannot be used for installation of rectangle glass shelves. However, it is a great idea if you decided to install the glass shelves in one of your home corners. Corner shelves can be suited for the bathroom or kitchen when you need to save on space. When the corner is plum, and the two walls meet at 90 degrees, it is easy to install the glass shelf. The two edges of the rectangle glass shelf are fixed to the two walls which leave it floating. Glass wall mounts are fastened on each of the walls to provide sufficient support to the glass. A corner rectangle glass shelf is effective for placing certain light items which might need to be used in the kitchen. Also, it can be used to place a flower vase in your living room and as a soap holder in the bathroom.  This design can also be customized where they can be stacked. However, if space is not enough a single rectangle glass shelf would do.

Shelves With Curved Lips

Glass shelves with curbed lips on both sides are suitable for use in the library, office or at home. The lip acts as a barrier to protect any item placed in it from falling off. Delicate items such as curio art can be comfortably placed on this type of glass shelf so that they are safe. The shelves with curved lips will help you save on space while also making your home or other space look elegant and attractive. When installing the glass shelves with curved lip always ensure that you have sufficient space which will help you to organize them well.

Artistic Glass Design

Art can be incorporated in the installation of glass shelves in homes, offices and any other place. One of the most popular artistry designs that can be used for the rectangular glass shelves is the continuous “u” shape. The “u” shapes are connected to form an artistic design together. This will make your home look unique and complement other accessories that you have used o decorate your home. When using this design, ensure that you have sufficient space to install the vertical and horizontal glass to form a continuous pattern.  This idea is more modern than many that have been discussed above. If you are more willing to explore your creativity, you can select it for your small apartment. To make the design more attractive, you can add nonlights to highlight the edges.

In conclusion, rectangular glass shelves make your home look elegant when correctly installed. Always ensure that the edges of the glass are always smoothened out to avoid any accidents happening.

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