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How inline CSS test is helpful in increasing your sales?

inline CSS test online

The loading speed of a website can ruin the overall performance of your business. Your sales and your website traffic get drastically lower if your website loads slowly.

How inline CSS test is helpful in increasing your sales?

Do you know inline CSS test is helpful in improving the loading speed of a website? Let us discuss it in brief.  

What is CSS?

CSS (Cascading style sheets) are used in modern website designed to offer an attractive visual look to a website. However, the structure of the website has been designed by the HTML and the behaviors of the website are handled using JavaScript. The overall feel and look of the website have been offered by CSS. Cascading style sheets usually applied using external style sheets however, in certain cases you can also apply inline CSS. Inline style sheets have been applied in HTML pages directly. Let us know more about Inline CSS.

What is inline CSS?

Inline CSS has been written in the HTML file rather than writing in an external file using a style attribute. For permanent and specific changes, inline CSS is a great method. It is lesser flexible than that of external and internal CSS.  

How using inline CSS is beneficial?

  •  Inline CSS is useful to make permanent changes. If you want to preview changes then inline CSS is beneficial.
  • If there is a need for quick fixes then inline CSS is a better option.
  • You will get a lesser number of HTTP requests.

What is inline CSS test?

In inline CSS test, HTML tags have been checked for inline cascading style sheets properties. Inline CSS has been created by adding a style attribute in HTML tags. These inline CSS properties can increase the webpage size which can degrade the user’s experience of surfing your website. Inline CSS test is used to remove these inline CSS properties thus the loading time of the webpage reduced and the maintenance of the webpage becomes easiest than before.

Why Inline CSS test is important?

  • The process of removing and fixing inline CSS is not so difficult. All the inline CSS rules had been removed into a new external file to make the webpage lighter so that the loading time of the webpage becomes lesser.
  • It checks the HTML coding of your webpage and identifies all the style attributes of the webpage that can increase the page loading time.
  • The all the inline CSS rules and declarations have been moved to a new sheet. The inline style attribute has been removed.

How the loading speed of a website matters a lot?

In the competitive world of technology, the loading speed has become one of the most important factors to give a great user experience. Do you know if the loading speed of a website is lesser then the search engines such as Google and other penalize sites and the search engine ranking of a website get affected?

According to research done by Google in 2018, almost 53 percent of people left a website if it takes longer time in loading more than 3 seconds. That is why, improving the loading speed of a website becomes more important. However, most of the websites take 8 to 10 seconds in loading but the reality is that each second reduces the traffic and sales of a website.

And the biggest thing which you can do to increase the loading speed of your website is by reducing the size of the file and this can be easily done with the help of inline CSS test.

So, it is time to get competitive. Reduce the loading time of your website and enhance the sales and traffic of your website.

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