Sunday, April 18, 2021

How to Pick the Perfect Yoga Teacher Training for You


Are you planning to join a yoga teacher training program?

Much like shopping for a gold chain or some other precious goods, picking a yoga trainer or training institute can be symbolic of a commitment. But, with some many yoga schools and training centres out there, it is always tough to find the right program for you.

In case you are confused about a plethora of options available, this post will help you out. We have designed a list of considerations you must follow when you are looking to join yoga training.


Is the institute registered with the Yoga Alliance, the international governing body for yoga? If yes, at what levels?

If you want to teach yoga practice at some point of time in life, you should make sure that the Yoga Alliance certifies the school you have chosen; else you wouldn’t qualify for the job.

No to mention there are two levels of certifications: 200 Hour and 300 Hour.

Are you going to be taught by qualified trainers?

You need to do some research to know how long the trainers have been teaching there. I don’t believe that experience alone is sufficient, but being novice won’t work in this case. You need a trainer who has the best knowledge of the field, and who can save you crucial time and money.

Program’s history

Some institutions and schools have been offering yoga training for many years, but you should try to have a look at the performance of the institutions.

Just because the institution is certified or has been training students for years doesn’t make it a perfect option for you. You should have some idea about the institution you are going to spend your time and money on. For this, you can read online reviews and even meet the people who have completed their training there.

Strength of the class

Since you are going to spend at least 200 hours with a group of people, it’s your choice to know about the capacity of the training class. This may vary from program to program.

In my case, I received my first training of ten weeks with 30 people and the second one with ten people (weeks). At present, I would prefer more extensive training with a smaller class size of 8 to 12 people. Though there are benefits of both class sizes, smaller classes allow for more personal guidance from the trainer.


No matter how long or shot the program is, yoga training is going to cost you. It may cost anywhere from USD1500 to USD3000, depending on many factors, including meal plan, workshops, surrounding, guest teachers, materials, etc.

If you are traveling for yoga training, make sure that you know exactly what is included in the package (meals, accommodation, materials, etc.)

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