Thursday, November 14, 2019
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Success and Failure are both parts of life. Both are not permanent.


Success and Failure are like two parts of a coin. Every time you flip it either one of them would come. Similarly in our lives, when we make decisions, either one of them is the ultimate result. So it is important to understand and accept that these two are the reality of our lives. No person can expect to go up and reach heights without facing failure in his/ her lifetime. Failure is a bitter truth or reality that we all have to accept and swallow because we can’t live without it and it is a part & parcel of life. Both of them are a part of our lives and are not permanent. They come at different times to provide us with different experiences.

Many successful people are termed as fortunate for achieving so much success in their lives. But at the back door, everyone has a story to tell. If we give a closer look we will realize that there is not even a single person who has seen success throughout all his life without facing failure. Everyone faces some kind of failure or rejection at some point of time in their life. And this failure is what gives us the strength and encouragement to work harder and put all our energy and efforts into our work. People with small businesses or large businesses, they all tend to fail or suffer at some point because life spares no one. So it is a big misconception that failure doesn’t come to all.

Value of Success and Failure

We always value success and its result but often neglect the failure that is an important factor behind the success. Failure should not be neglected because it gives us a glimpse and insight into the things that we are doing wrong. It gives us the ideas of what may work and what may not. Failure is an important and uncontrollable part of a person’s life. It doesn’t only come to those who are less deserving, less educated, or less talented but it can come to anyone. It is not in anybody’s control. Failure is important because it shows us the value of our work. It keeps us going and encourages us to not stop but work harder towards our goals.

Do Not Feel Ashamed of FailuresFailure is a life lesson and it should also be shared with others as there is no shame in doing so. But we all have a habit of remembering our achievements only and sharing them with others. In this process, we often forget or desperately try to hide our losses from others. Failure is no less than a struggle or a part of the success process which makes us realize the true value of success. It brings us to the idea that “Nothing comes so easy”. Failures should be remembered as life experiences that shouldn’t be repeated. This helps us to follow a different direction instead of getting caught in the same web of failed strategies again.

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