Thursday, November 14, 2019
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Success is a journey, not a destination

Success is a journey, not a destination

We can never estimate what a destination will look like, because we haven’t seen it, but we can describe the journey to that destination because we live every moment of it. A destination is never true in terms of its name. It is a form of changing milestones. Rather say they keep changing from time to time. Once a person reaches a set destination, it isn’t the final one for him/her. A new goal is reset, and a newer path to seek comes in line. A successful person is never ever contented. The hunger for more never ends. The first destination then becomes of ordinary taste, and the thirst for the best keeps emerging. Thus Destination is never important; the journey is.”


Arrival to a decided goal is much important than striving. One may strive hard but may not arrive on a set goal. Focusing on the goal is important but ignoring the journey towards the goal is not a motivating example. Success matters but what matter more is the lesson the journey has to teach. The good and bad that led to the destination, the experiences, the profound moments.

Realization and not the outcome

The doing is greater than the outcome. The process to achieve a goal is way more to go through than the goal itself. It takes courage, confidence, vision, calm mind, and determination to reach the goal. But it takes realization to execute the goal plan. Having a plan is still easier than the determination and realization to achieve it. For instance, your plan is to hit the gymnasium; your goal is to lose weight; you are determined to achieve it; your focus is the targeted weight. But it does not happen all by itself. To execute the plan you need to realize that targeted weight isn’t important, but the process of how it is to be reduced is important. The realization of the do’s and do not’s will matter.

It adds to the character

The journey to a destination is a life learning lesson in itself. It is a mix of experiences. It is the graph of failures and achievements, of mistakes and lessons learned, of letting go and moving on, of reflecting and observing. It evolves a person as a whole. The change brings about in a person mentally, emotionally, spiritually or in any other manner, he/she has added links to while on this journey. A strong character is often developed not by ease but by trails and experiences. Failures aren’t fatal; in its truest form, they are experiences that help you to bring out the best in you.

Fears, doubts, curiosity are all good. It helps a person explore every nook and corner in order to achieve the goals. Consistency in actions, clarity of the goal plan, focus on the destination along the experience of the journey is a continuous process of refinement leading to the ultimate victory creating a strengthened character for the person. Overcoming all hurdles whilst experiencing the ups and downs and achieving the set goals justifies how “destination is never important, but the journey is.”

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