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The Most Beautiful Landscapes That you Have Seen By Traveling


1. Germany

The Saar Loop ( Saarschleife)

There are several river loops in the world, the one in saarland in germany is the first to be photographed, a place where we would like to go back, wait and watch the landscape change over the months, under the influence of the seasons.

2. Australia

Whitsundays National Park (Queensland)

Virgin islands, a beach of 7km with pristine white sand, a lagoon with 50 shades of turquoise blue and emerald, one of the jewels of queensland, the most beautiful scenic flight of our life!

Heart Reef (Queensland)

The great barrier reef of australia is the largest coral reef in the world! It stretches over 2300km north east of australia! So happy to have been able to call this wonder the “house” for more than 6 months of our life! An extraordinary biodiversity and incredible beauty that holds many surprises under water like tunes.

Uluru National Park And Kata Tjuta (Northern Territory)

A desert of red earth as far as the eye can see, nothing on the horizon when suddenly a gigantic rock appears! Uluru (or ayers rock) is a sacred place for aborigines who have lived there for more than 10,000 years. The size of this monolith is just impressing: 3.6km long for 1.9kms wide but it’s a bit like the iceberg, the biggest is hidden ..! If the rock rises to 348m, there is more than 2.5km underground!

The 36 domes of las olgas (kata tjuta) would have been for them, one and the same rock a long time ago.

Tomaree Head National Park (New South Wales)

And especially the short walk to get to the grandiose view of the surroundings. It takes an hour of climbing through the forest to enjoy a superb panorama, especially on the perfect beach of zenith beach.

It is recommended to stop at tomaree head during a road trip on the australian coast.

3. Bahamas

Dean’s Blue Hole (Long Island)

A place as scary as attractive, long considered the deepest blue hole in the world. 203 meters, enough to welcome each year the world championships apnea.

A semblance of hell in paradise. An indefinable sensation of being there, swimming alone in its center.

4. Canada

Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario

We did not expect to find turquoise water in this part of the world yet! A little corner of beauty that we visited far too fast! To do again while camping.

National Park Of The High Gorges Of Malbaie River (Quebec)

In the charlevoix massif, we were blown away by the colors of autumn in this beautiful quebec park. Hiking on the trail of the acropolis draveurs we have many surprises (and aches too !!)

5. Costa rica

Rio Celeste (Tenorio Volcano National Park)

“when god finished painting the sky blue, he washed his brushes in the celestial rio” this is a very beautiful legend that explains the color of the celestial river. For the more down to earth, it is actually a chemical reaction between volcanic sulfur and calcium carbonate present in large quantities in the river.

6. Scotland

Old Man Of Storr (Isle Of Skye)

Another monolith that gave us chills!

It seems that from a certain angle, we see the face of an old man, which gave him his name. From the top of its 55 meters, the old man of storr imposes. At the top of a hill, it overlooks the surroundings and the view is to cut the breath!

7. Spain

Timanfaya Np (Lanzarote – Canary Islands Archipelago)

An impression of having changed planet, to have landed on mars, is the feeling that gives the hostile lands of the national park of the mountains of fire (montanas del fuego). Here whole villages were buried during the terrible volcanic eruptions of the 18th and 19th century. Nothing seems to have moved since.

8. United states

Grand Canyon (Arizona)

A place where the word grand takes all its meaning. We feel dust beside the immensity of the canyon. One of the 7 natural wonders of the world, classified world heritage of the humanity, it is clear that it will be necessary that one returns so much the possibilities of adventures are numerous.

Monument Valley

For its beauty, its mythical side, a site that reminded us of 1001 movies! A magical sunrise in front of a legendary panorama.

9. La france

Corse, Calanques Of Piana

Corsica is called the island of beauty for a reason and especially thanks to the calanques de piana! Listed in the patrimony of humanity since 1983, it is one of the most sumptuous sites of corsica.

The intense blue of the mediterranean contrasts with the red-orange rocks. The light is unique.

Jura, The 4 Lakes Gazebo

It’s not to be chauvinistic, but my jura is beautiful! One of the wildest departments in france that will always surprise us. Little canda, little lapland, the nicknames are not lacking. A corner that we particularly love is the spectacular view of the belvedar 4 lakes, the colors are to die! Every season, it’s a new show!

Manche, The Nose Of Jobourg

A wild site that can only make you think of ireland and scotland. It is in the channel that one finds this rocky promontory sinking in the sea. The waves which break, the birds which move in the sky, the wind (strong) in the hair, it is a beautiful moment and even more at sunset.

10. Indonesia

Volcano Of Kawah Ijen (Java Island)

If volcanoes have always impressed us, kawah ijen has marked us for life! Climb this mountain in the middle of the night, frontal screwed on the front, was an epic. Quickly forgotten when we saw the phenomenon of blue flames!

An exceptional moment. Plunged in the dark, it will be necessary to wait for the sunrise to take all the measure of the place in which we were. In his crater, we bordered a lake of gigantic acid and discovered poor men busy “harvesting” the sulfur in the center of the volcano to earn a pittance. A place we will never forget.

11. Iceland

Skogafoss Waterfall

Iceland, land of fire and ice, a mix that detonates and created dizzying cascades flow more than impressive! Hard to name one … Skogafoss woke us up, amazed and soaked!

12. Kerala South India

The Cascades Of Athirapally

The Athirapally Waterfall is located 1000 feet above sea level at the Chalakudy River in the Thrissur area of ​​Kerala. One of Kerala’s famous tourist attractions, the magnificent waterfall is a sight to witness. This is the largest waterfall in Kerala. The Athirapally falls through several parallel streams from a height of 80 feet.

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The Tea Plantations Of Munnar

A landscape straight out of a painting. The tea plantations carve the hills of munnar and its surroundings. There is something soothing to walk among these tons of tea. Does it seem that even herds of elephants sometimes cross them!

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