Sunday, April 18, 2021

Top 12 Tech Domain of the Future


The basic approach of work has seen a vast change over decades. The emergence of digital platforms and automation has altered the way things used to be perceived and portrayed. The fast pace of things being made and brought to the notice of customers was a wonder few decade back. Technology developing artificial intelligence has promised to increase the productivity of human workforce and thereafter leading to economic development. It also aims to enhance convenience and efficiency of the labourers.

Let’s concentrate on 12 Tech jobs that are going to rule the future job market.

First, Robotics. Many movies have portrayed the future time where there are no humans but instead robots taking their place. Every work of human being carried out by Robots. The imagery is not new but definitely alarming. Professionals involved in this field are accountable to form the design of robots, put them into test and after all evaluation build robots. Such robots which could be purchased at an economical rate and easy to maintain yet be extremely productive and safe to use, are increasingly expected out of the engineers. This gift of science is expected to simplify whole bunch of complicated time consuming work.

Second, Drone Pilots. Drones are basically aircrafts without a human pilot. Such instruments are facing elevating demand as it could be put to a wide range of utility. Imagine an aerial view of a cricket ground; it is obtained using a Drone. It further can be utilised to gather data related to the weather condition and various intelligent piece of information relating to it. The main man operating and controlling the Drone and hereafter efficiently providing the desired information is termed as a Drone Pilot.

Third, 3D Printing Technician. The technology of 3 dimensional printing uses computer supported designs in order to print items in several layers. The technician mainly set the overall printing schedule.

Fourth, Self Driving Cars. Automated cars will just be the stepping stone of driverless transportation systems where just a push of a button would start the car and the artificial intelligence in it would drive it to the destination. After successful installation of the technology in personal vehicles, it won’t be a wonder to extend the same to various public vehicles.

Fifth, Smart Cities. It is a city designed by putting information and communication technology to use. It aims to efficiently elevate the functioning of services like transportation & energy and cause a reduction of overall wastage.

Sixth, Smart Farming. Similarly applying advanced technology to agriculture is aimed at efficient increase in productivity.

Seventh, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. These are the two tools which will be the main driver of anything electronic. ML equips computers to learn by itself without physical programming.

Eight, Virtual Reality. It is artificially generated duplication of the real world and further leads to the creation of an audio visual virtual environment. It facilitates communication with the characters in the virtual space.

Ninth, Nano Science. The domain involves study of microscopic nanites which operates at high speeds. Functioning at the microscopic scale these nanites are capable of diagnosing, then treating and finally cure various diseases through proper eradication of the virus or bacteria. Its utility can be extended to food and environment.

Tenth, Cyber security. With the increasing instances of cyber crime and data stealing, the rise in demand of the profession is not surprising.

Eleventh, Holographic. It basically encompasses 3 dimensional entertainments and is applied in games like chess, movies, maps, manuals, catalogues and many more.

Twelfth, Holophones. These are simply phones incorporated in a wrist watch. No wonder the future might see microchips fitted in these connecting various persons.

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