Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Video games as a mainstream culture

Video games as a mainstream culture

Video games or online gaming has become a platform where various people from various backgrounds play the game together without considering the ethnicity of the person. The gaming world is now considere as a culture where you can be yourself and won’t have to portray your personality as someone else. There are various platforms within the gaming world where you get to meet and make friends; therefore video games as a mainstream culture have provided players with great social networking skills.

Since there are billions of people in the world, online gaming platforms encourage people to engage with each other while forming teams and playing games. This leads to networking between strangers and helps in increasing your networking skills. Games like League of Legends (also known as LOL), PUBG, and other multiplayer online gaming platforms have shown how people from various states or countries are playing this game and are forming a friendship over the internet. Multiplayer games have also proven to be a great way to see how you can work in a team, and multiplayer team games require teamwork and trust to make the plan work and to complete a level; therefore it is also beneficial while working in a corporate sector. Many online games have showcased how they require a strategy to win the game and how a plan needs to be create before attacking the enemy. Therefore, it is say that gamers who are good at strategizing would also provide better marketing techniques and strategies in the corporate world. Online gaming is not just for fun; it tests your patience and helps in increasing your logical and practical skills.

Video games or online gaming is considere as a heaven by many people, it provides a temporary escape from reality to people who are suffering from stress, anxiety or even depression. Video games also act as a therapy where you get to vent out your stress and anger through the character you have chosen. This helps in releasing your anger in the right manner and not venting out on your loved ones. While playing a game, some people feel like the character they have chosen portrays them and when the character succeeds in completing a level, the player also feels like they have accomplished something. This technique helps in increasing self-esteem and helps in improving decision-making skills. It is consider as the cheapest therapy method because you get to make friends online, whom you have no prior connection with. Since you and the player have no mutual friends sharing personal information like what kind of things are troubling you or what you are going through won’t be held against you. The player opposite to you might even help you out through your problems or might give you a shoulder to lean on.

Video games as mainstream culture is a place where you get to leave your troubles behind and move on. It is the only place you get to do whatever you want and no one will hold it against you (as long as the game is won legally). It is a culture where you can even pursue it professionally and can earn money for giving suggestions or for creating new characters.

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