Sunday, April 18, 2021

What are the Criteria to Study MBBS in China for Indian Students?


To study medicine in China is really a good decision, but before you apply to medical universities of China; we need to go to the eligibility criteria very well so that your application gets selected. There are many advantages that China offers for medical education. First and foremost, it offers education at the least possible cost. This is the most exclusive feature offered by the medical universities of China. This exclusive feature is possible to give by the Chinese University is because of the support of the government.

Eligibility Criteria for the Students of India

There are major two eligibility criteria which are required to be fulfilled by the medical universities of China. The very first one is scoring minimum 60% in physics, chemistry, and Biology in class 12th or equivalent. This is one of the simplest possibilities for any intelligent or above average Indian student. It is also possible to achieve from any state board or Central Board of Education in India. The second eligibility criteria for taking admission in any of the medical universities of China are related to age. The age of the student while taking admission for a bachelor’s degree must be 17 years. This is also fairly possible because most of the Indian students complete their High School at this age only provided they have not suffered any failure in between.

Documents Required for Admission

There are some documents which are required for taking admission in the medical universities of China. The very first document is a copy of the High School pass and intermediate pass certificates. The second one is a copy of official transcripts from the school where the student was studying. The third one is a copy of the passport for some formalities. The fourth one is a copy of the complete physical examination by a certified MBBS doctor or physician. This is to ensure that the student does not have any serious ailment.

The Fee Structure

You would be surprised to know that most of the MCI approved universities of China are listed in the top thousand universities of the world. The fee structure that is charged is between 3 lakh to 4 lakh per year. They have all the facilities for the students based on the international standards of Medical Education. This is the lowest fee structure which can be charged by a medical university in the world. This is the reason due to which the medical universities of China are in high demand by foreign students. Every year loss of applications is received by medical universities of China. Even after charging the least amount of fees, it is possible for the medical universities of China to offer scholarships. This is the height of generosity. There is immense scope for foreign students to crack the eligibility criteria for gaining the scholarship from the universities. One does not need to have some kind of reference for achieving the scholarship. All the procedures are completed online. You can definitely take the help of the service providers in China after doing considerable research. They would help you in applying to those universities where there are higher chances of getting the scholarship and admission based on your particular percentage and caliber. There are various benefits to study MBBS in China for Indian students and the eligibility criteria are not much difficult. Just choose the right service provider or apply under the guidance of a teacher or a parent.

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