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10 Sailing adventures in the usa for 2020


Despite 2020 being almost over, and much of the world having been shut down because of Covid 19 for most of the year, there is always an online interest in the activities that could have been, and can be experienced in the foreseeable future. Sailing adventures is one of them!

Here we will take a look at the 10 best sailing adventure companies available in the USA and those countries that have a USA connection. Each of these charters and tours have their own unique features to appeal to a variety of tastes. Check out the links below to find the one(s) best suited to your desire for a unique sailing adventure.


One of the safest countries to visit post- Covid 19 is the island of Grenada. A part of the Windward Islands chain in the southern Caribbean, Grenada has experienced no deaths and only 27 total cases since mid-March. Easily accessible from the US, Grenadians speak English and deal in US dollars.

There you will find the SS Corsair, a gorgeous 74 foot, US built and registered gaff rigged sloop, ready to take you on a sailing adventure for the day, for a sunset, or for an overnight cruise to the beautiful bays, beaches, and neighboring islands. Read about the transition voyage from the US to Grenada in 2017, sailing through Hurricane Irma! The Captain and crew offer fine food prepared by an onboard chef, excellent personal service and expertise, and many extra special activities included in whatever tour you take. Snorkeling, scuba diving, paddle boarding, kayaking, water toys, and a swing out into the water, make this the best sailing experience possible. Included in every charter are three of the most amazing sailing companions ever.

Mango, Sugar and Yoda make every dog lover’s dream come true when you experience life on the seas with these well-trained sea dogs!


St. Croix, St. Thomas, and St. John make up the US Virgin Islands, an unincorporated territory of the United States. This group of islands is a part of the Leeward Islands chain in the northern Caribbean, east of Puerto Rico.

Sailing from St. Thomas and St. John, the 38 foot sloop rigged racer/cruiser Jester offers full and half day sailing tours, as well as a sunset cruise in and around the surrounding cays of the three islands. Enjoy snorkeling and swimming in the pristine blue waters. For a truly unique sailing adventure, ask the Captain to perform your marriage ceremony onboard. He is an ordained minister!

For those who prefer catamaransailing adventures, the US Virgin Islands is the perfect place to bareboat charter or hire a crewed charter. The calm waters in this small area of islands makes it easy to enjoy the wide open deck spaces of a catamaran sailboat. Virgin Island Sailing offers a variety of sizes of boats to accommodate from 2-10 people. Anchoring at an idyllic beach is like having a floating house beach party!


Puerto Rico is also an unincorporated territory of the United States located in the Caribbean. A larger island, it is possible to find many marinas around the island offering various fishing excursions and sailboat tours. A 60 kilometer drive eastward from San Juan, is a large marina in Fajardo, Marina Puerto Rico del Rey, where you can join

a pirate themed sailing adventure, either as a day sail or a sunset cruise. The Calico Jack Pirate Ship is a 54 foot sailing schooner that looks like a pirate ship of the 1800’s. Enjoy sailing and snorkeling around the deserted Pinero Island off the coast of Puerto Rico, and pretend you are a swashbuckling pirate! This is the perfect opportunity to give your kids a unique experience at sea.


The islands of Hawaii are tropical, lush and luxurious in their look and feel. It is an island state of the United States and Polynesian in culture and heritage.

Located in the Pacific Ocean, there are eight main islands to visit. Maui is most popular with tourists for a more relaxed destination, in contrast to the larger island of Oahu, making it perfect for those seeking a more private luxury sailing adventure with sightseeing and snorkeling the coral reefs as the main agenda. The Island Star is a classic 57 foot Columbia sailing yacht that hosts up to 18 people. Scuba diving is available with advance notice.

If you can’t make it to Maui, check out the Hawaiian Sailing Canoe adventure on the east coast of Oahu. From Kailua, you will be taken by a local sailor, on a 3 hour guided tour aboard a Hawaiian sailing canoe and learn about the history and culture of the Hawaiian people. This is a truly unique and different kind of sailing adventure.


The coast of California is long and seemingly endless, and the Pacific Ocean makes for some of the best sailing in the world. Bordering on Mexico, California’s climate allows for year round sailing in moderate temperatures. Whale watching is very popular amongst tourists and what better way to watch for dolphins, seals and humpback whales than to go on a whalewatching sailing adventure charter.

One such charter company that runs day sails and overnight charters, is the S/V Maya. Aboard a 43 foot Hans Christian cutter ketch, Maya’s crew will give you a personal, hands on sailing experience. Operating out of Morro Bay, California, you can enjoy a classic, sturdy sailboat fit for the roughest of west coast seas.


If the Pacific Northwest coast of the United States is where you are headed, sailing the San Juan Islands and Puget Sound near the US/Canada border will provide you with coastal water navigation experience and unique ports of call each day. Located in Seattle, Washington, Three Jaze is a Juneau 419 Sun Odyssey, with very modern lines and amenities.

Bainbridge Island is across the bay from Seattle and it is possible to start your cruise from either port. Customize your cruise experience or choose from the standard packages available. Sail around Puget Sound, visit Blake Island, or wine and dine on a sunset cruise.


On the east coast of the United States you will find the historical home of the working sailing ships. Explorers and trading companies have used sailboats to transport people and goods up and down the coast since the Mayflower anchored at Plymouth Rock! The S/V Frances can be found moored in Portland, Maine. She is a 74 foot pilot cutter, with a working sailboat design. Wide decks offer stability on the sea and Frances provides the opportunity for those on board to relax and enjoy the waters of Casco Bay while sampling various dishes provided by local catering partners.


Sometimes it isn’t possible to get to the coast, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to avail yourself to a unique sailing adventure. Near the

city of Austin, Texas is Lake Travis, a large reservoir on the Colorado River. Formed as the result of the construction of the Mansfield Dam in 1942, Lake Travis has a surface area of 30 square miles. Austin Sailing Adventures offers sunset cruises,

dinner cruises and sailing lessons, as well as kayak and pontoon boats for rent. Whether on the ocean or on a lake, sailing is always a worthwhile experience.


For a small sailboat experience, located on the east coast of Florida near Cocoa Beach, you will find Freedom, a 24 foot Atlantic City catboat. FreedomSailing Adventures offers a daily two hour sail for up to six people, on the Indian River. It only takes moments before you will be able to spot


Going now to Biloxi, Mississippi, we are returning to the original home of our first unique sailing adventure on the S/V Corsair, now residing in Grenada. Biloxi is on the Gulf of Mexico and has a rich history of the classic Biloxi Schooner working sailboats. What better way to spend time in Biloxi than to take a sail along the Gulf Coast on one of these historic vessels?

The Maritime Museum offers “walk on” sailing trips for individuals, or you can charter the entire vessel for 2.5 hours up to a full day, if you have a group of people. Learn about the history of this city through the working sailboats of old!

There are many opportunities to discover the waters near you on your next vacation. Looking for adventure means trying new things and discovering new ways to experience old activities. Hopefully these sailing adventures highlighted above will motivate you to explore new activities that broaden your travel and sailing horizons!

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