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5 Tips to Prepare Your Furniture for Moving or Storage


A big move is always a hassle, especially when moving heavy items. Furniture can present a special challenge, as they can be heavy and fragile at the same time. Care must be taken not to scuff, chip, rip, or stain chairs and couches. Here are a few tips on how to pack furniture for shipping or storage.

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Make an Inventory
This is great for stored items, as they may sit in a storage space for years. As time goes by it’s easy to forget what items you have, and what exactly they look like. That’s why it’s also a good idea to add a description beside each inventoried item, as well their dimensions. This will eliminate any future need to check out your storage space every time you forgot what you own.

Use Moving Pads When Shipping
Packing furniture for a move is quite different than packing for long term storage. Because your furniture will be moved more often, extra protections must be added. Moving pads are a good way to protect your furniture, but using blankets works as well.

Arrange Carefully
When packing furniture for shipment, make sure it’s carefully arranged and secured within the moving truck. Items will shift and move while the truck is on the road, which can cause damage to your furniture. When packing away furniture for storage, place the lighter items on top of the heavy items. Softer items, such as clothes and towels, can be placed between furniture for cushioning. Objects with sharp edges will need extra packaging so they don’t damage other items.

Safety Guarantee
Securing your valuables while they are on the move is another thing to consider. If you are moving your furniture in a shipping container, make sure it’s sealed in front of you. Using your own lock is also a good idea. This way you can be sure that nobody has touched your valuables while they were in transit or storage.

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Hold onto Paperwork
Keep all receipts from moving or storage until you receive your furniture and verify it’s in good condition. It’s possible for damages to occur while moving, in which case you need insurance. Make sure the insurance coverage is right for your moving needs. Some moving companies provide or can connect you will reputable insurance companies. But never sign a contract with a company that deals only in cash payments.

Care must be taken not to damage your furniture during a move. Shipping and storage both present their own challenges. But if preventative measures are taken the dangers of these challenges can be mitigated. Moving is already full of hassles, but if the right preparations are taken, it can be made a little easier.

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