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Benefits of CA Intermediate Mock Test Papers


ICAI has issued CA Inter mock test papers with suggested answers for May 2019 exam and you can get all the information regarding CA Intermediate mock test papers like how to download it, ICAI mock test and other details from this blog.

When exams are near, students got depressed due to lack of confidence and high competition. At this time mock test papers help to build your confidence level.

Mock test papers are a tool to recall your whole syllabus before the exam. Mock test paper is similar to your exam paper so it will help you understand your exam pattern.

All you need to do after doing preparation and revision is Practice and for practice, the mock test is the best option for you. So let’s understand the benefits of CA Intermediate Mock test papers.

CA Intermediate Mock Test Papers: Benefits

As we mentioned above mock test papers are really helpful in exam preparation.

It’s advisable for every student to attempt mock test or solve mock test papers of CA Intermediate before the exam. 

Mock tests help you –

To understand the pattern of the exam – As we told you mock test paper is same as your exam paper, so when you attempt a mock test or solve mock test papers, it will give an idea about the exam pattern.

To understand the ICAI marking scheme – ICAI hires some professional checker to check your answer (of the mock test). So you can understand the ICAI marking scheme by attempting mock test papers

Revise syllabus – Mock test papers also helps you to recall your syllabus before the exam. 

To evaluate your exam preparation – It’s important to evaluate your preparation. To evaluate your preparation for the intermediate exam, mock test papers can be a good choice for you.

In time management – Due to lack of time, many students leave the questions in the exam, so time management is also important. Solving mock test papers or attempting a mock test helps in time management.

To increase or enhance your presentation skills – In a profession course, your presentation is also important. You can improve your presentation skills by solving mock test papers.

To increase your confidence level – One of the common reason behind failure is lack of confidence on examination day. Solving MTP will help you to gain your confidence level on the day of the exam.

As we all know that “Practise makes a man perfect” so you should give mock tests as much as possible before your exam. Mock tests are not going to give you the same question as asked in exams but surely it will be of the same types so you will come to know that how you start and end the exam in the allotted time.

How to Register for ICAI CA Intermediate Mock Test?

You can register yourself for ICAI Intermediate mock test by following this process –

  • First of all, you need to visit the regional office of ICAI
  • Then you need to select a subject for which you want to attempt mock test 
  • Pay fees for mock test 

After this, you will receive a receipt of payment and you need to carry this receipt with you on the date of mock test.

However for some reason, if you can’t attend ICAI Mock tests or you have different schedules of studies, you can download ICAI CA Intermediate mock test papers anytime from ICAI website.

ICAI CA Intermediate Mock Test Schedule

Paper 1: Accounting11th March 20192 pm to 5 pm
Paper 2: Corporate Laws & Other Laws12th March 20192 pm to 5 pm
Paper 3: Cost and Management Accounting13th March 20192 pm to 5 pm
Paper-4: Taxation14th March 20192 pm to 5 pm
Paper 5: Advanced Accounting15th March 2019 2 pm to 5 pm
Paper 6: Auditing and Assurance16th March 20192 pm to 5 pm
Paper 7: Enterprise Information Systems & Strategic Management 18th March 20192 pm to 5 pm
Paper 8: Financial Management & Economics for Finance19th March 20192 pm to 5 pm

Counseling Sessions (mock test) – 4th April 2019

How to Download Mock Test Papers for CA Intermediate May 2019 

You can download CA Intermediate mock test papers with suggested answers from ICAI website or from MCCJPR website.

To download mock test paper from ICAI website, first, you need to log in using your ID and password. After login, click on BOS knowledge portal and then Intermediate course. Now select a subject for which you want to download MTP.

After this, a new page will be open to your screen where you can download CA Intermediate mock test papers, previous year question papers, etc.

As we have told you all the details regarding ICAI Intermediate mock test papers like how to download it, benefits, how to register for ICAI mock test and mock test schedule for May 2018 exam.

Hope this information was helpful for you.

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