Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Common Epoxy floor coating Problems and its Causes


If you are experiencing problems with your epoxy floor coating or if you have installed a new coating and want to save it from future damages you should know about the common epoxy problems and its causes so that you can take appropriate action to fix it or to prevent it. That is the cement floor beneath the epoxy floor coating. Another because that has or might damage the epoxy coating is the person who has installed the coating for you. That is why it is necessary to do proper research on the type of floor and coating you are going to apply, clean and prepare the surface and hire a professional so that you do not face issues with your epoxy coating.

Some of The Common Problems of Epoxy Floor Coating

#1. Wet or stained concrete floor: If the concrete floor on which epoxy floor coating has to be applied is old and used then there is a chance that some sort of chemical, oil or water been fell on it. As concrete is absorbent in nature it absorbs all the liquid which fells on it resulting in stains in some cases. These stains add moisture to the floor. If an epoxy coating is applied on a floor containing moisture, the moisture will be trapped inside. The water drops can get accumulated underneath the coating causing flaking and bubbling on the floor. Make sure that the stain is fully removed before the epoxy coating.

You can either hire a professional to check the level of moisture of the concrete floor or do it yourself. To check the moisture, tape a small piece of plastic onto the floor. Check if there is any condensation in the plastic after 24 hours. If you find any condensation, then too much moisture is present in the floor for epoxy application. While removing stains do not forget to remove the cleaning agents that you have used. If the cleaners dry on the floor it will just add more moisture to the floor.

#2. Presence of sealant on concrete: Sealant prevents the water to enter into the concrete. It will also not allow the epoxy floor coating to bond with the concrete floor. This will also cause bubbling and flaking. To check if your concrete floor contains sealant or not just pour some water on it. If the water remains on the top of the floor and is not absorbed by the floor then the floor contains a layer of sealant. This layer of sealant has to be removed before applying the epoxy floor coating.

#3. Freshly constructed concrete floor: If you want to apply epoxy floor coating on a newly constructed concrete floor. Now wait and let the concrete cure properly. Leave the concrete for enough time so that it gets cured properly. If the concrete is not cured properly then the moisture inside the concrete will get trapped below the epoxy coating that will cause a problem in the future.

#4. Wrong installation: Applying epoxy floor coating is a skill. If something goes wrong in the installation you will not get the desired result. The installation has to be done in an appropriate atmosphere required for epoxy coating. If the coating is allowed to cool quickly then bubbles may form. And if the coating is wrongly mixed, then the coating may get sticky. To prevent all these installation issues always try and hire the most reputed and experienced professional to carry out the project.

Thus, you can see that the main culprit is the moisture. Do let the moisture to stay underneath the epoxy floor coating at any cost. To achieve this, you will need to hire a reputed and experienced professional. So, these were some of the common problems of epoxy floor coating.

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