Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Green tea benefits, flavours and how to use

Green Tea

The earliest document surrounding Green Tea, its medicinal benefits and consumption, revealed to the world in Kissa Yojoki or The Book of Tea, which is a lengthy literary discourse on brewing and drinking green tea in a recommended manner to influence or affect the five vital organs and prevent ageing.

The Tea plant, scientific name Camelia Sinensis is said to have been born in the Yunan district in China from where it spread & dispersed to other places. Yunan accords a special place in the pages of history as the first place where human beings discovered the magical brewing properties of tea leaves and its refreshing effect. It is consumed widely in South East Asia including those that are grown in the hills of Sikkim, Assam & Darjeeling in India. This variety of the tea plant is singularly home to the hill slopes of Yunan & Sichuan in China & Northern Burma. It can be suggested that the seeds for the same had been brought to Indian shores by the British from China for mass cultivation of the “elixir of life” as the Chinese often referred to green tea fondly.

Brewed green tea is absolutely a zero calorie beverage. It is for this reason Green tea is called the world’s healthiest drink

It is packs maximum number of antioxidants in a cup, more than any other variety of tea. Its proven and time tested ability to tackle physical and mental diseases alike and keep a person in good health is what makes it a blessing in disguise. However, it remains to be said, on a neutral point of view, green tea is always best purchased and consumed loose instead of tea bags. Tea bags never pack the same taste or any of the healing properties of green tea because they are pre-oxidised and contain less oxidant as a result.

In this discourse we try to unravel and present to our readers, how green tea can be employed as a natural agent for enhancing beauty and glowing skin. And when we say using green tea for skincare and beautification, we are not just referring to the internal application of the beverage by consumption but also employing the brew in cosmetic therapy and remedies. 

Green Tea indeed has got multifarious health benefits to say the least.

People of all ages can derive benefits from it on drinking it on a consistent basis. Doctors advice green tea for a number of benefits as it has multi-dimensional good effects on the body. 

Green Tea, with its top-level benefits tops the chart in terms of healthiness & is also priced on a relatively or considerably higher stature than that of other tea in most cases & that is quite understandable as well. 

By consuming Green Tea every day not only does one get the absolute benefits of tea but it keeps many diseases at bay as well barring providing stupendous nutritional value.

All in all, if you really can have green tea even at least once a day that would still go a long way in improving & maintaining your overall well-being. 

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