Saturday, May 15, 2021

How to Deal with Sexual Harassment at Your Workspace by Lina Franco


In today’s working environment sexual harassment is a serious offence approximately above 40% of women faces such situation at the workplaces not only women but men also face sexual exploitation at work places. Although sexual harassment impacts on employees mentally, physically as well as financially the worse effect of such circumstances is on business through poor performance of employees and increased absenteeism that indirectly affects annual turn owner.  

If you are running your business Lina Franco says you need to follow mentioned steps to keep your office free from such issues.

Develop Policy to Deal with Harassment

If you want to maintain your office environment free from such criminal offences you need to maintain a candid policy for employees they must know what to do or what they should not.

Your policy for sexual harassment should state clearly, that all the claims of sexual harassment will be investigated and will be punished through adequate punishments. Employee must be aware about what they have to face if they found guilty.

Try to Build an Environment of Respect

The best and most effective method to manage sexual harassment in workplaces is to prevent it happening at all by creating an environment of respect because it is not about sex but power, position and influence to control others.

Provide Training on Harassment

Writing and communicating a policy on sexual harassment is not enough, for the pertinent prevention employees should be trained how to identify as well as respond on such situations. Usually employees don’t like to come forward against such offences. So it’s management’s responsibility to identify the situation at the spot and take instant action accordingly.

Be Vigilant for Signs

Dealing with Sexual harassment in the work-place means being aware of what’s happening and watching for problems. If you are office owner take time to visit how your employees are relating to each other. Keeps an eye on employee’s behavior if you notice changes such as change in demeanor, absenteeism and downturn in your productivity start investigation immediately staying alert couldn’t uncover sexual harassment but other problems.  

If you want to quest more on the topic feel free to contact Lina Franco working for employee’s rights from years.

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