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Importance of having Indoor Plants around us.


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You have to admit one thing that in this hectic and complicated world we all are underestimating the power of Greenery and plants around us. Plants are really important for all living beings.

Having Indoor Plants around us turns to be a game changer as these Indoor plants help’s us in many ways.

 1) Improves Air Quality –

The number one reason why indoor plants are important because they improve the air quality of the environment (surroundings). By absorbing the harmful Carbon dioxide from the air these plants release Oxygen for breathing. (Some examples of plants which come amongst the air purifier plants are – English Ivy, Golden Pothos, Bamboo Palm, etc) NASA also proves that  “Plants provides nourishment for the body when eaten as food”.

2) Increases Productivity –

It is advised that we should have indoor plants not just in the home but also at our workplace, office, etc because indoor plants improve concentration, indoor plants boost our mood and also enhances our productivity at work. Indoor plants also help in keeping the temperature of the surrounding down, reduces the level of certain harmful pollutants from the air around us and also increase humidity which eventually results in perfect working and living conditions.    

3) Medicinal Benefits –

Plants near our home also provide us with fresh fruits, vegetables, berries and some indoor plants like Tulsi and Aloe provides us with many health benefits as these are some of the best medicinal plants out there. Whether it be Sore throat, Skin problems or any other harmful disease some indoor plants like these 2 can help you fight with it. As we discussed above Indoor plants improves the air quality of the surroundings, this is true and it is highly recommended to keep some air filter plants like (Bamboo palm, English Ivy, etc) for the patients suffering from asthma and some allergies, As these plants could be the best medicinal plants for them.

4) Enhances interior of the Home –

These Indoor Plants also improves the looks and enhances the quality of your home. Lushly Green leaves with Decorative Pots in your living room will impress one and all.

5) Keep’s noise pollution down –

We also know that High Blood Pressure, Hypertension is the most common problems nowadays, and the most important thing which causes these harmful problems is Noise Pollution. And it’s not Rocket Science to understand that Plants leaves absorbs and reflects Noise from the surroundings and makes it comfortable for the occupants.

6) Indoor Plants boosts healing –

You will be surprised to know that Plants also helps in healing. Study shows that bringing plants in hospitals helps a patient recover fast from his or her disease. It also helps in recovering from the surgery as quickly as possible.

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