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In Bangalore Try These Top 10 Delicacies to Gorge On

Idli, Vada, Dosa

1. Mangalore buns – Pamper Your Sweet Tooth

It is a kind of ‘Puri’, crafted with the freshness of Banana. These fluffy, sweet and tender delicacies are very easy to make and are relished with sambhar and coconut chutney. This amazing food is gifted by the Udupi region, which will pamper your mouth and you will sense a deep sense of satisfaction.

2. Dal Obattu – The Delight of The Kannada

Locally called ‘Puran Poli’ or ‘bobbatlu’, Dal Obattu is one of the flavorsome street foods in the Mysore region. This dish is perfectly tailored by conflicting the flavors of jaggery, flour, Rava, lentils, and cardamom powder. To extract the best taste out of it, serve it with hot ghee sprinkled over it.

3. Idli, Vada, Dosa – The Iconic Southern Trio

Well, we all know that when it comes to south Indian food, not mentioning this trio will be an act of crime. Soft Vadas, crispy Dosas and hot Idlis are best served with coconut chutney and sambhar. The Brahmin’s Coffee Bar is one of the famous places to Visit in Bangalore that serves this delicious trio.

4. Bhaji with Filter Kaapi – Your Rainy-Day Buddy

To enjoy the emblematic Bangalore ‘Mausam’ nothing can be as good as Bhaji with filter Kaapi. If you can roam through the streets of Bangalore, you will find several roadside stalls selling this crispy and delicious dish. The best way to enjoy this food is by dipping it in Dhaniya-Pudina chutney, while sipping a cup of filtered coffee, sorry Kaapi.

5. Vada Pav – The Hunger Destructor

Although Vada Pav is considered to be a delicacy from the streets of Mumbai, people in Bangalore are also crazy for this food. It is just like a sandwich, which is stuffed with Vada inside bun bread. It is deliberated as a spicy dish, served with fried green chillies and the iconic gunpowder chutney.

6. Handi Biryani – The Clash Of Spices

It is one of the most adored dishes in Bangalore. Served in a pot, this Biryani is the rattle of different flavors, tailored perfectly with the blending of different spices. Combined with the earthy smell of the pan, this delicacy will create a symphony in your mouth. If you are opting for an exotic Bangalore tour package, then make sure not to miss this food.

7. Fried fish – The Crisp Slurp

Maybe you have gorged on several fried fishes, but the fried fish in Bangalore is unique in its own way. Before being served, the fish is marinated for a few hours so that it can soak up all the spices and become tenderer. Then, it is dipped in flour and semolina, followed by frying in shallow oil. It is best served with veggies.

8. Gadbad – Satisfy Your Mouth with a Topsy-Turvy Taste

If you have a fetish for sweets, Gadbad is the thing for you. It is a unique combination of ice cream and Falooda, flooded with numerous flavors. It is a layer of ice cream topped with a layer of food. It is all about permutation and combination. 

9. Medu Vada – Our Kind Of Doughnut

Well, Medu Vada looks like a doughnut, but the only difference is, it is not sweet in taste. It is made by deep frying dal. Be sure of the fact that, whenever you are opting for Medu Vada, you can never be wrong.

10. Palak Dosa or Spinach Dosa – A Pancake With A Twist

If you ask your guide of a Bengaluru city tour package about the best foods in Bangalore, he or she will suggest you Palak Dosa. It is considered to be the Bangalore Pizza, best relished with spices, tomatoes, carrots and as well as cottage cheese.

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