Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Lip Glosses and Long Kisses – That’s What is IN This Season

What never goes out of fashion? Makeup and Love, of course. The powerful duo that can make a girl conquer the world, be confident in herself and elevate her mood instantly. Every cycle od fashion season brings with itself different styles of clothes, different ways of putting makeup and different emotional movements that support the lifestyle. This season it is all about the lip glosses, long kisses and complete enjoyment in life. 

The Lip Gloss

The lip gloss has made a comeback from the 90s and brought back the shiny factor on the lips that many women were crazy about in the past. However, years ago, this monumental piece of makeup had a huge flaw – it was sticky and kisses were always uncomfortable. That is why the two didn’t go in a combo. 

Fortunately, today, lip glosses are made with an improved formula which provides moisture and hydration to the lips along with a long-lasting and smooth finish. There are different types of lip glosses on the market including clear lip glosses, tinted lip glosses, metallic lip glosses and with a satin finish lip glosses. The last one is personally my favourite and if you are looking for the best lip gloss Australia wide, you can find amazing solutions, like seven shades in one tube so you can choose which one you like the best. 

Lip glosses are an instant mood booster and if they are flavoured, they just add to the attractiveness factor. They make the lips extra good looking, plump and very kissable. 

Long Kisses

As I mentioned before, it is the season of long, passionate kisses. Have you known that the longest kiss lasted 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds according to the Guinness’ World Record Archive and it was achieved by Ekkachai Tiranarat and Laksana Tiranarat from Thailand in 2013 during the celebrations for Valentine’s day? Well, that is a bit too long, isn’t it? 

Nevertheless, long kisses are trendy again and they are the answer to people’s demand for a more emotionally involved world. According to recent research, partners cope with things better in their relationship when they give each other long kisses. The long kiss is an intimate moment that can be even more powerful than sleeping together. This is because kisses represent a strong attraction and passion while sex can be something completely different – passionate too, but different in terms of feelings involved. 

All Things Considered…

When it is time to have fun, don’t afraid to grasp every opportunity. Put your favourite lip gloss in your bag, reapply it whenever you feel you are losing energy or feeling uneasy and get ready to mingle. And if you already have a partner, seduce him with you soft satin lips and enjoy a long, marathon-like kiss.

Be optimistic, full of love, full of joy; love fashion, love makeup, love everything and every day will be full of joy; love fashion, love makeup, love everything and every day will be YOUR day.

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