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Stylize Your Bedroom with Furniture


The appearance and atmosphere of your bedroom has a big effect on how well you sleep. If you’ve rearranged your bedroom and bought new bedding and drapes and you’re still tossing and turning and unhappy with the look of your bedroom, it may be time to consider new furniture.

Whether you prefer a matching bedroom suite or you like to put together your own room, you should look forward to getting into your bed every night. If you don’t like the style or it doesn’t go with the rest of your furniture, look at different styles of beds and see what appeals to you and suits your style. Do you spend a lot of time reading in bed, watching television or using your laptop?

A bed with an upholstered headboard is ideal if you like to sit up and relax without propping yourself up with multiple pillows. Upholstered headboards are available in many colors and in oval as well as the classic rectangular shape. Upholstered headboards are made with quilted or smooth surfaces. You can find one to suit any room whether the décor is masculine or feminine.

Bedroom with Furniture

Have you always dreamed of having a canopy bed? Canopy beds come in sizes from twin to California king. The brass or white canopy bed is probably the first that comes to mind and will thrill your daughter. Wooden canopy beds look elegant in adult bedrooms and can be draped for a romantic atmosphere or fitted with bed curtains that help block out light so that you can sleep better.

If you’ve always had mismatched bedroom furniture, maybe now is the time for a classy bedroom suite with plenty of storage. An all-white bedroom suite is airy and relaxing. White furniture makes small rooms seem larger and can be accessorized with any color bedding and drapes, from trendy plum to classic black. Dark wood bedroom suites never go out of style but there are many lighter woods that will give your bedroom a casual appearance and make you feel like you’re on vacation in a beach house.

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Daybeds come in a variety of styles. Some are perfect for napping and reading while others are designed to be the primary bed in a child’s room. They can also be used in guest rooms. Daybeds come in both metal and wood, and in classic or contemporary styles. Daybeds are popular in cottage and shabby chic style homes. A daybed can make your teen feel like he or she has both a bed for sleeping and a couch for entertaining friends.

jellynelly- Bedroom with Furniture

Sometimes you need just one or two special items to complete your bedroom. A regular or short chest of drawers or a media chest helps you put away the clutter that’s on your mind when you’re trying to sleep. Dressing chests open like an armoire on one side and have drawers on the other side. A second chest of drawers is always a good idea for a perennially messy child’s bedroom. New nightstands give you more space and give your bedroom a new look.

Stop living with bedroom furniture that’s old, dinged, doesn’t match or no longer meets your needs. Imagine your perfect bed or bedroom suite and then go for it and get what you’ve always wanted.

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