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Top 5 Motivations to Move Toward Becoming Google Analytics Certified

Google Analytics Certified

Digital marketing and your online presence as an individual or a brand attract consumers from all parts of the world. Google Analytics is widely used by businesses to analyze their online growth, compare, contrast statistics, and make certain implementations to increase marketing output. It provides insights into your marketing and web-based campaigns.

When it comes to traffic analysis tools, Google Analytics market share stands at an impressive 85.7% as on 11th June’19.

Google Analytics consists of a variety of tools that are made available by Google free of charge. They are user-friendly and offer powerful features to help you increase your website’s viewership, create campaigns, target a specific demographic, and identify the areas you need to improve.

Let’s understand Google Analytics Certification, its advantages, and why you should move toward becoming Google Analytics Certified. We will also explain why Google Analytics Certification Training from NetCom Learning could be beneficial for you.

Google Analytics Certification: The “What” Part

As an analytics expert, it is crucial for you to undertake the Google Analytics Individual Exam or GAIQ. This examination is available online and consists of 70 multiple-choice questions. A minimum score of 80% is necessary for you to get certified by Google.

It offers the following benefits:

  • The Google Analytics certification helps you in getting associated with Google.
  • You also get special assistance from their team as your certification entitles you and your company to be officially partnered with Google.
  • This certification adds to your skills and acts as an excellent addition to your resume. Google Analytics Certification gives you an overview of the entire subject matter. Adopting Google’s Analytics suite lets you stay up to date with all the latest developments.

Top Reasons to become Google Analytics Certified

  • By getting certified by Google, as an analyst, you can present your or your company’s website as a highlighted portal. It adds to your credibility and boosts your online presence. Google Analytics helps you in tracking your consumers, analyzing the bounce rate, viewing your customers’ demographics, and observing conversions over time.
  • The data offered by Google through its Analytics suite, comes to you without any charge and is presented for your convenience. These tools are easy to use. You get a clear idea about your metrics, understand different dimensions available, you can analyze various reports generated to implement better campaigns and strategies in the future. Google Analytics’ backtracking feature keeps all your data in one place.
  • Once you view all the available insights for your webpages, you can take actions accordingly by transforming data into valuable decisions. Judging the metrics available for your websites, you can plan further strategies to help your business grow.
  • Google Analytics is designed to be used by anyone and everyone working closely with your business. You do not need to hire SEO experts to do the job; instead, you can take the certification course and get licensed by Google to use its analytics tools. Once you get certified, you can use these tools to view your websites’ bounce rates, ROI, search query reports, and other functions.
  • ROI is hugely critical for any business. Google Analytics helps you measure your ROI and increase it by devising a full-fledged strategy. All your mix-media channels are reserved under one platform, offering valuable insights and helping you ensure your business prospers.

Why NetCom Learning?

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