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Top 5 Ways Consider to Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

In spite of all the technological advancements of the last many years maintaining the good air quality in your home can still be a major challenge. As you all know that the city environment is filled with pollution from everything from automobiles to factories to commercial vehicles.

There are many people who are having breathing problems such as asthma or for those with severe allergies, indoor air quality can also have a major impact on their quality life.

Here are the few simple tips that will help you to improve the air quality in any home

You should improve the ventilation:

Improving your home’s ventilation system is a great way to help lower the concentration of harmful air pollutants and contaminants.

The vast majority of home heating and cooling systems including the very popular forced air systems, do not actively bring fresh air into your home.

What this means for the home-owner is that he or she must find the other ways to ensure the home is adequately ventilated. There are some few ways that homeowners can be used to improve the ventilation including to opening the windows and doors. Operating the air conditioner units and running attic or window fans.

It is particularly important to properly ventilate the home when performing the task that can generate a large number of air pollutants. Tasks like painting, cooking, or even many popular hobbies can all emit harmful particles into the interior air of your home.

Always use an air cleaner:

While the effectiveness of air cleaners varies widely, operating a high-quality air cleaner can have a positive impact on the overall air quality in your home. In general table-top versions are usually ineffective and you may need to do a good bit of research to find an effective air cleaner in your budget.

Air duct cleaning:

It is a service that many people do not think about it. Your air conditioning system, ventilation system, or heating system collect a lot of bacteria, fungi, mold, and other contaminants over the course of several years that can greatly reduce the air quality in any home.

Therefore if you hire the professionals of air conditioning Sydney then they will come to your home and attach your whole HVAC system up to a specialized really a strong vacuum. This vacuum puts your whole duct system under the negative pressure and draws all the dust and debris into it.

Air contamination sources should be minimized:

Another important thing that you can do to improve indoor air quality is to seek out and eliminate any sources that may be emitting harmful pollutants into your living environment.

Gas stoves, older lead-based paint, and asbestos insulation are all common sources of contamination. In some cases, you can adjust the number of emissions by retrofitting your home or modernizing the building material.


You have to make sure that your indoor humidity is not too high or too low. Anything above 50% humidity is feeding bacteria and mold growth. Below 30% is often too little humidity and can irritate sinus and respiratory tissues.

Therefore if you want to stay in 35 to 45% range for health and comfort then you should buy a hygrometer to test your humidity first. If it is is less than 30% that often happens at colder outdoor temperatures, buy a humidifier and adjust to around 35-45%.

If it is over from 50% then get a dehumidifier and run until you get humidity within acceptable levels. It helps keep odors down, too, if you keep excess out of the air. Also, make sure to look for any wet areas and fix any leaks.

Help from other devices:

another device you can find useful during your whole house is a high powered allergen trapping vacuum. It comes in different sizes and models, but all of them are guaranteed to suck in microscopic elements up to, .01 micron in size, to pet hairs.

Choose it in models or types that would suit your budget, house, and needs. And once they are installed at the home then make sure that that is regularly maintained too. These typically have filters that need to wash or replaced at least once for every couple of months.


This is the general concept for the air quality of the home. With these methods, you can improve your home air quality as you can cool your home well. In addition to that these basic methods, homeowners should also consider contacting a duct cleaner company as they are able to inspect your home and provide even more air quality tips.

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