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What is new in IVF?

What is new in IVF?

What is new in IVF?

Thinning the fetal wall is new in the world of IVF which means the fertility experts at Select IVF India will unite the sperm with the egg and the embryo which is made up of a single cell will be divided into embryos from two, three then four cells on the second day of the procedure. This division of embryos will continue to six or eight cells. This is the stage where an embryo is surrounded by a wall into the women uterus and it also needs to get rid of this wall surrounding it. Dr. Nalini Gupta an IVF expert called this procedure as the hatching process and to facilitate this process she simply does a thinning of the fetal wall to facilitate the implantation process of the fetus lining the inner uterus.

Which methods does Dr. Nalini Gupta use to make fetal wall thin?

What is new in IVF?

At Select IVF India, Dr. Nalini Gupta use more than one method to make fetal wall thin and these are as follows:

•    The first method is mechanical where she will be using a very thin needle dedicated to making of this hole.

•    Secondly, she uses the chemical methods where she will be using a solvent and put a small amount of it after that she will calculate on the part of the wall to be melted.

•    The third method which she uses is laser technology which is the latest and advanced method. This is the most accurate and the safest method which is known as Laser Assisted Hatching.

Are there any problems occur by thinning the fetal wall?

The only problems which occur are the identical twins, we can say metaphorically; this is the only problem that can be caused by thinning the fetal wall as it increases the likelihood of similar twins by 2% which is a very small number.

Can the technique of thinning the fetal wall is used with all patients?

In general, yes, however, according to the study it has not shown that the usefulness of thinning the fetal wall to raise the chances of pregnancy except for three categories of women and these are:

•    The first category where a woman who has reached the age of 38 years or more.

•    The Second category where the women who are unable to carry the pregnancy after 3 operations of IVF.

•    The third category discovered that her thick wall.

The above are the three cases where fertility expert at Select IVF India will recommend using the technique of thinning the fetal wall.

What is Embryo Gums technique?

Apart from thinning the fetal wall, embryo gums is also a new technique in IVF which is used to raise the successful possibility of IVF. Embryo gums is a sticky substance where your fertility expert will place the embryos instead of in the normal and non-sticky preservative. The fertility experts at Select IVF India perform this procedure before they transfer the embryo into women uterus. The embryo gums limit the movement of the fetus within the women uterus, which keep the fetus inside the uterine cavity and will raise the possibility of implantation inside the lining of the women uterus.

What is new in IVF?

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