Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Will Technology Ever Rule The World?


Every piece of technology to have been discovered or invented, at some point in time, has been rendered obsolete. It is ascertained by the laws of nature that every chunk of technology has always been replaced by an improved counterpart. However, this aspect of technology also begs the question that with the advancements in technology, is it possible that technology will rule the world?

The Rapid Occurrence of Advancements

If there is one rule that humans unconsciously and unerringly follow, it is our constant potential to include scope for improvement at whatever we do. Be it at humankind’s infancy in the Stone Age or during the invention of the first personal computer. It is this aspect which has allowed us to make extensive advancements in numerous facets of our life. However, these advancements have been exceptionally quicker in the last couple of centuries.

Part of this, undoubtedly, has been due to our need to include a scope of improvement at whatever we do. However, it is also due to the pace at which technology has been developing in the last few centuries. In the world today, we are constantly in the company of an advanced product with each passing day. Such form of consumerism has been constantly driving the rate of advancements every year.

The Boon of Technological Advancements

The advancements which we have been witnessing have been no less than a boon to us. They have blessed us with numerous benefits that would, just a decade before, been a figment of the imagination. Most of these advancements are mostly iterative. However, there are some amongst these that rise, once in a while, to completely disrupt the field of technology. A few such advancements are given below:

  • Blockchain– One of the most ingenious inventions of the modern era. The Blockchain technology appeared to ameliorate the state of crypto currencies. But in the end, we saw the initiation for the foundation for a newer internet.
  • Healthcare– Healthcare is one industry which has directly influenced the lives of humans. With the help of advancements in collecting genomic data and predictive analysis, humans are able to tackle diseases more easily, often eradicating the complete gene of the disease.
  • Human and Artificial Neural Networks –With the age of AI knocking at the door, it does not come as a surprise that humans have already begun to harness the power, housed within AI. With the help of human and artificial neural networks, humans will be capable of setting up seamless communication with the technology, allowing for greater utilization.

The afore-mentioned instances provide sufficient evidence to affirm that technology will definitely rule the world. This, however, does not mean that technology will develop a dark side, bent upon overruling humanity. The advancements will sweep across the world as a force of good and make it a better place to live in. It will provide us with the tools to make our jobs as well as our lives, considerably easier.

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