Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Content Guidelines

• Word count: Share a minimum of 650 words.
• Original Content: Shared content should be unique, Our team will check before taking it live.
• Share it with your friends: Once your content is live, share it with your friends on social media. We will review your content visibility if your content can’t make good visibility we will delete it. Make sure your content make 300 views in a week.

• External Links: We will provide No Follow Link in Content.
• Images: Add your own Images

How to Publish your content?

If you really want to publish good content here, please follow the below steps and get approved fast.

  • Follow the content guidelines otherwise we will not publish the content.
  • Research on the Titles before publishing the content because we want the unique content and the title should be unique.
  • Heading should be H1 and the other sub title should be H2 or H3 heading.
  • Use your own image and add on the post. You can use 3 images per post.
  • Maintain proper listing things which looks good.
  • After adding content and the images you need to optimize the content to get more visibility.
  • Select Category –
Choose Categories from the list.
  • Add Tags –  Add 3-4 tags which is related to your post.

Add Featured Image – Please add the featured image because when we approve your article it will be visible on the latest post and if the featured is missing it looks odd. We are not going to any featured image for you, so please add featured image. The image should looks good.

SEO Meta Tags – Please update SEO meta tags for your aticle it will help to get index fast. Add title, description & focus keyphrase. Also do review the Readability analysis. If it is red we are not going to publish your content, it should be green. Just click on the ” Readability analysis ” You can see the points why your content is poor. Make it green and get approved from our end.