Saturday, May 15, 2021
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Zip Screen External Blinds: Perfect Solution for Protection Against Sun


For people living in extreme climatic conditions, saving their selves from the scorching sun heat is always the priority. At the same time, privacy can also be a concern for some. Zip screen external blinds are the best solution to fulfill all these requirements.

Zip screen external blinds can be customized according to their uses and the area of installation such as balconies, pergolas, and verandas to effectively cover them throughout the year. Zip screen external blinds are secure, long-lasting, sleek and value for money alternative to roller shutters and conventional awnings.

The zip screen external blinds can be fitted easily to home and commercial. No heavy supportive structure or heavy installation tasks are required to install this type of blinds. There are many features and benefits of installing these blinds, many of them have been listed below:

  • Offering a Range of Features – Zip screen external blinds have self-aligning side and are manufactured very smartly with hidden-interlocking sections. Unlike shade blinds that are used in outdoor areas, these covers can also be put up in out-of-square areas and can be very beneficial. These blinds come in many different types of fabric choices where the amount of visibility can be controlled as per the individual’s liking. Screen mesh fabrics can help in limiting the amount of light whereas total blackout solutions can completely cover the light coming from outside. Customer can choose the fabric as per their requirement.
  • Resistant to Wind & Insect – Zip screen external blinds are normally wind and insect resistant and those can be some of the added benefits of the product. They can be available in many types of standard colors and a user always has options of choosing between the enclosed and the open roller types. The fabric of the blind can be kept secured at all times in the channel due to the unit’s side retention system and that can be a wonderful option for the unit.
  • Many Installation Benefits – Zip screen external blinds offer a lot of installation benefits like adjustable side guides so that the installation can be done easily out of square areas. A two-piece cassette box can also help in easy installations. Aluminum tubes can be chosen according to one’s suitability as 60 mm, 80 mm light and 80 mm HD are always available for it. There are fewer inventories for the installation as a combined booster, pre-tension idler, and a reducer is always provided with a unit. Moreover, the cutting imperfections can be hidden correctly as the end plates overlap the sides of the back and front covers at all times.  
  • Lots of functional benefits– Users of zip screen external blinds can look forward to multiple configurations in a unit in addition to an open bracket and fully-enclosed solution. One can also get a semi-fascia along with it. Additionally, the motor of the unit can offer correct fabric tension and auto-lock facility. For uneven floors, its weight bar seal can provide greater coverage as well as more rigidity on wider spans. There can also be an all-inclusive end plate that can help in eliminating the use of any cover caps so that at times, it can easily be ‘snapped-off’ for an all control option to be accessed conveniently.

Looking at its features, installation and functional benefits, one can easily understand that these blinds can be very easy to install. Zip screen external blinds are easy to maintain and require minimum attention. These type of blinds can be used where installation of other blinds are difficult because of space or any other installation constraints. The ease of use along with its low price has helped the product to stay on top of the customer’s mind whenever a covering solution is needed. That is why zip screen external blinds are highly desired item for windows and many types of outdoor spaces.

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